Rotherhill is a Property Developer and Asset Management company that provides superior returns for its property investors.

Our team has more than 25 years’ property development experience across business space, industrial parks and estates, strategic land and residential property. If you’re looking for leading returns from a company with a proven track record and reputation, then please contact us about co-investing.

What We Offer

Fixed Returns

Achieve better returns than you can get in the bank or building society. We can offer fixed returns on your capital which we pay to you monthly, annually or as a lump sum. We typically co-invest alongside our investors and target returns in excess of 7% which when added to profit shares show returns in excess of 12% per annum.

Landlord/Owner Consultancy

Do you have an existing building which is underperforming? Do you wish to achieve better returns? We can assist by joint venture, co-investment or general advice on how to achieve enhanced returns from your existing premises.

Pension/Investment Syndicates

Do you have a pension that’s underperforming? Do you wish to make your own decisions regarding property investment? We work with a number of investors in syndicate structures, suitable for them to achieve enhanced property returns from co-investment. Our typical investors and high-net-worth individuals invest in £50k-£100k lot sizes and upwards. Rotherhill’s structures are suitable for Ltd companies, private individuals and pension schemes.

Investor Enquiry Form

Interested in investing with a proven developer and asset manager please complete our enquiry form below and one of our team will be in touch .